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The weather was in the 50s today, for a change, and so it lured us out to Brookfield Zoo for the day.

give Eamon money!

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my friend Eamon does this wacky thing every year. he always wears a mustache — except when he doesn’t. and he looks so sad and weepy without it! only money can help restore Eamon’s stache, happy demeanor, and self-respect… can’t you help? think of the kids! Hey, all! If it’s November, it must be Mustaches […]

my friend Sean had (what i think is) a brilliant idea—to walk the entire length of Clark Street, this upcoming Saturday. (it’s Clark Street that makes it brilliant, not the Saturday.) we’ll start out at Howard Street, the northern terminal of the CTA Red Line, 7600 North/1700 West, at 8:00 AM. from that point, we […]


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much email to read! so much mail, not even gonna try until like tomorrow. return trip: 4 h 50 m from brunswick, ohio, to the stony island exit ramp off of the skyway. oh yeah. only 680 miles in toto; avg speed 67 mph; car got poor mileage both ways. :( 29 mpg there, 27 […]

It would have been really nice if you would have shipped my tickets to this Sunday’s upcoming show at the Auditorium Theatre sooner than today. You see, I’m going out of town for the weekend tomorrow, and was anticipating coming back into town, driving straight to the theatre, and going to see the show. But […]