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today’s cute animal

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Look, sometimes you’re working super late and a rsync is taking for freaking ever and you pop on youtube and start looking for cute animal videos. Don’t judge me! LITTLE OWL, HOW DO YOU LOOK SO ANGRY AND SO CUTE AT THE SAME TIME?!

NYR: Quit posting all the silly stuff only to Facebook. Poor sad abandoned blog needs love too! This is my official link of the day. It’s the world’s happiest turnstile! via Metro.

One of these two threads is my handspun merino singles for a laceweight 2-ply. The other is commercial sewing thread. Guess! No cheating by looking at Flickr first to find the answer. No cheating by scrolling down. No cheating in general. Margaret Stove is ZOMG THE BEST TEACHER EVER, YOU GUYS. For serious. For reals. […]

opening day!

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happy Red Nose Day

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as i do not live in .uk, am not a regular participant in Red Nose Day… though, due to being pretty entertained by @THEDavidTennant, did fling a couple pounds their way this morning. and then i ponied up again for a shiny icon! charity is fun! see, Sunday Mail, surely if dozens of people around […]