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NYR: Quit posting all the silly stuff only to Facebook. Poor sad abandoned blog needs love too! This is my official link of the day. It’s the world’s happiest turnstile! via Metro.

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i think i’m sufficiently worldly in the ways of the internet that not much really surprises me, but this Megan Meiers thing both shocked me and really upset me. what horrible, horrible, horrible people are these people to create a fake myspace account for the specific purpose of tormenting a depressed child? to incite others […]

Christening the new iMac It’s not a computer of mine until it has its own copy of Moskau lurking in my Documents folder, waiting for an opportunity to cheer me up. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-hey! Originally uploaded by sldownard. I love this video. I’m not ashamed.


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muy rain and wind and generally unpleasant weather == no baseball for niqui tonight after all. i can has burgerlet however: hooray! cheezburger for everybody!