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Snowball cats

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Through the careful use of the scientific method and experimentation, I have discovered that cat fur must be a really good insulator: I put snow on the cats (who were inexplicably unwilling to go out and play in it) and they just sort of sat there and acted like I was the crazy one. Typical!

So a few days ago Tiger started sneezing. A lot. Like, two-three-four sneezes in a row, intermittantly. I figured he’d get over it (and if it went on N days we’d go to the vet). And he did get over it just fine. He’s pretty much OK now, just the odd sneeze every once in […]

Things I Did Not Expect My Handspun Yarn To Turn Into, #420: Cat snuggle-toys.

les grandes vacances

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so i am nearing the sort of burned-out state that comes with not having taken a real vacation in years– i’m all cranky and tired, and pretty much every bad thing that happens at work is another reason to claim that everything sucks. and, i mean, i know the solution is to take some time […]

Tiger likes the view.