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Obviously I’m an American, and I’ve always spoken English, but I’ve also always loved learning other languages (ik houd van talen; j’aime bien des langues) and what no one tells you about learning multiple foreign languages is how they all get bundled up in the “non-mothertongue” section of your head and they just kind of […]

So, last year I decided to track which music videos I posted to my Facebook feed — half for a lark, and half to make sure I wasn’t annoying everyone by posting the same thing over and over. All things considered, I think I did pretty well in not repeating — especially the emo anthems […]

Screwing with my inner obsessive-compulsive. OH NOES! HALP ME!!!!

Had a conversation last week with my team lead about something that’s been annoying me lately, my increasing need to clean up after others before I can do my own work (or, on occasion, for me to clean up after others before different-others can do their work, because what’s even better than someone wasting one […]

Dear Google:

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I am not a compulsively clean gay man with a military fetish who deals with industrial network cabling. Your ad targeting algorithm may need adjusting.