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Had a conversation last week with my team lead about something that’s been annoying me lately, my increasing need to clean up after others before I can do my own work (or, on occasion, for me to clean up after others before different-others can do their work, because what’s even better than someone wasting one […]

So this quarter of school has been sort of a let down. By “let down,” I mean “trainwreck,” and by “sort of,” I mean “of epic proportions.” Next week is the last week of the quarter, and I’m really looking forward to it, because it’ll mean the end of me wanting to crawl under my […]

According to the nice people out there in electronland, an analysis of the text of my last (non-tweet) blog post indicates that… I write likeChuck Palahniuk I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing! Unfortunately, the only one of his novels I’ve read was Diary, and, entertainingly slash embarrassingly, I only grabbed […]

So this is what goes on in my head some days: Oh, I have to go do that thing today because it has to be done tomorrow. Let me just make the coffee first. It’s 9AM. I should start, because I don’t want to do this all frigging day, I want to chill with the […]

this is food weather

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Especially with the ominous forecasts for snow (!!! SNOW !!!) this weekend, it’s been grey and forboding, chilly and damp all week. This says to me: it is crockpot season once more. All I can think about in the realm of food are things that are served warm, perhaps with cheese melting, and are just […]