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HC103 Resources

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These are the resources listed in the “beginnings” portion of the Healthful Lifestyle presentation from HC103. Grocery Shopping: Lifehacker: How To Ditch your Junk Food-Filled Pantry, and Reboot Your Diet Grocery List Templates for Healthy People Whole Foods Market: Health Starts Here Accountability: FitDay food/diet journaling online Weight Watchers MyNetDiary smartphone apps Set Goals: Set […]

So I’ve been working on my ethics debate paper, and I was thinking I’d kind of like to use a parable in telling part of the story. So I went off and started looking up parables about short-sightedness. First, I found Luke 19:11-27, which I shall paraphrase for you: So this guy, this nobleman, wants […]

yes! more homework!

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This was easily my favorite essay for my writing class this quarter, chiefly because I got to stick my nose in to two great loves: architecture, and trains. It’s about Chicago Union Station, and that means it’s all about COOL STUFF. Well, except the food court. Food court people are scary, man.

Here’s another of my essays for class. This one, I kind of dug a little bit. It’s a short story, set in a bar, with a couple of guys talking. I slam the Cubs once, but, hey, it was in the well-intended service of historical accuracy, baby! I don’t think I’m very good at writing […]

This is the essay I wrote for my writing course this quarter. You know, the essay I hated with the firey intensity of a hundred thousand burning suns? …which is pretty silly to say, since it’s about a sunrise. Ha, I made a funny! 1157 words. 1158 self-doubts. Roughly.