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So here in Europe (where I live. Sometimes I like to sprinkle that phrase into my random thoughts… it sure is a beautiful day here IN EUROPE, WHERE I LIVE. God, where the hell is the #17 tram… HERE IN EUROPE, WHERE I LIVE. Don’t judge me) there is a very distinct lifestyle difference that […]

today’s cute animal

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Look, sometimes you’re working super late and a rsync is taking for freaking ever and you pop on youtube and start looking for cute animal videos. Don’t judge me! LITTLE OWL, HOW DO YOU LOOK SO ANGRY AND SO CUTE AT THE SAME TIME?!

If you click through to the Flickr photo and hover your mouse over the times, you can see notes with all my goals for my times. If you don’t want to do that, let me just say: I nailed those suckers. Woo! I should write a real race report later, but I’m pretty tired right […]

Pursuing triathlete-hood has been an interesting experience. Actually it’s shocking to me how much I have gotten into it. I’ve always had a thing for falling head over heels in love with hobbies, but always before the hobbies have not asked very much of me in return. I mean, let’s be realistic — knitting lace […]

Dear Google:

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I am not a compulsively clean gay man with a military fetish who deals with industrial network cabling. Your ad targeting algorithm may need adjusting.