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So here in Europe (where I live. Sometimes I like to sprinkle that phrase into my random thoughts… it sure is a beautiful day here IN EUROPE, WHERE I LIVE. God, where the hell is the #17 tram… HERE IN EUROPE, WHERE I LIVE. Don’t judge me) there is a very distinct lifestyle difference that […]

So I moved to the Netherlands about six weeks ago. The Hague, specifically. (No, The Hague is not a jail. It is a city. A city which happens to be home of The International Criminal Court, among other things, but it’s a city. So no, those who have asked in confusion: I did not move […]

I arrive in The Hague, NL on Wednesday, 2 July, for my new adventure. In het nederlands! And that is that.

So, I’ve been pretty down ever since the London move officially fell through. Honestly, it was a pretty major blow. It went from “here is the proposal of the relo, here is what the moving expense coverage is, here is what the replace-all-your-stuff stipend will be” to “nope” in under two weeks. Pretty shocking. The […]



Move is cancelled.