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So, I’ve been pretty down ever since the London move officially fell through. Honestly, it was a pretty major blow. It went from “here is the proposal of the relo, here is what the moving expense coverage is, here is what the replace-all-your-stuff stipend will be” to “nope” in under two weeks. Pretty shocking. The […]

So I got up at 4AM this morning to go up to Foster beach and do the T2 mock triathlon. (Side note: become a triathlete, and you too will see more 4AM mornings in a single season than you ever had in your entire life up until that point. Even as a sysadmin. Scary thought!) […]

It seems pretty typical for a job interview process to go like this: Step 1: Employer receives CV. Employer drinks enough caffeine to decide that CV is not completely awful. Step 2: First pass: HR tries to make sure candidate has a heartbeat and is not a zombie. Step 3: Second stage: phone screen. Actual […]

Snowball cats

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Through the careful use of the scientific method and experimentation, I have discovered that cat fur must be a really good insulator: I put snow on the cats (who were inexplicably unwilling to go out and play in it) and they just sort of sat there and acted like I was the crazy one. Typical!

So this is what goes on in my head some days: Oh, I have to go do that thing today because it has to be done tomorrow. Let me just make the coffee first. It’s 9AM. I should start, because I don’t want to do this all frigging day, I want to chill with the […]