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So I got up at 4AM this morning to go up to Foster beach and do the T2 mock triathlon. (Side note: become a triathlete, and you too will see more 4AM mornings in a single season than you ever had in your entire life up until that point. Even as a sysadmin. Scary thought!) […]

am still, in fact, alive

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aiee! very, very bizzy lately. it’s good to be in french class again. i keep having weird mini-epiphanies as some bit of vocabulary that i’d forgotten pops back into my head. on the down side, i’ve lost command of what the tenses of verbs (beyond présent and passé composé) are called and what they’re used […]

an odd happening

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i’ve been so completely bored of food lately. it’s weird. i like food, i like eating… i love delicious, well-prepared sushi; i adore macaroni and cheese from the baked bubbling goodness in a casserole dish lightly browned on top to Kraft Dinner; say nothing and just hand over the falafel, and no one has to […]

week one tally

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last week: 199.5 today: 198.5 well, it didn’t live up to its hype thus far, but i suppose at least i didn’t actually put on any weight. another week, then.

forgot to weight myself before going downstairs to work out this morning … ordinarily would have done it before so that any water i drink doesn’t count, but i didn’t drink much water so i just weighed myself when i got back upstairs afterwards. 192.5. i’m glad that today isn’t my official weigh-in day so […]