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Wine to end AIDS!


Update, June 16: OH MY GOD, THEY JUST SENT ME ANOTHER CASE. HELP ME!!! Overpaying for wine: we’ve all done it. You know what else we’ve all done? Picked a bottle out of desperation, noticing it was on sale, because it had a funny label, because the clerk told you to, or because you were […]

So I’m on call all this weekend for work, which means basically that I can’t leave the house for three days (long NYE weekend) because I have to be within 15 minutes of my computer should anything decide to go splat over the holiday. That being the case, I stopped by to vist my friends […]

So T. talked me into doing one last tri before the season was over — and can I just take a second to remember that, barely over a year ago, I was so certain that I would barely be able to accomplish a sprint triathlon, and that I should make it my goal to do […]

So I just sat down and came up with an estimated budget of roughly $2000 for next year’s triathlon season — about half race entry fees and training fees, and the rest things like new bike shorts, new shoes, nutrition, etc. $2000 sounds like a whole lot, and don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing to […]

If you click through to the Flickr photo and hover your mouse over the times, you can see notes with all my goals for my times. If you don’t want to do that, let me just say: I nailed those suckers. Woo! I should write a real race report later, but I’m pretty tired right […]