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So I just sat down and came up with an estimated budget of roughly $2000 for next year’s triathlon season — about half race entry fees and training fees, and the rest things like new bike shorts, new shoes, nutrition, etc. $2000 sounds like a whole lot, and don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing to […]

grocery shopping again today — over budget again; about $35. i didn’t stray from the list except for two bags of edamame (on sale, and my faaaavorite veg, so an impulse $4 buy), but a couple things were more expensive than i had anticipated, such as the $8 bottle of sesame oil. but i think […]

I think I’m not going to buy anything in April. I’m going to try and go a whole month without buying anything*. No breakfast muffin on the way to work, and no books. No groceries either. Well, maybe an exemption there for the produce section; you can’t take my bananas away from me. But mostly […]

hey, citibank!

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Hiking my purchase APR by 6 percentage points out of the blue for no apparent reason, since I’m not even carrying a purchase balance that I could accidentally pay late on (and have not paid this card late in years and years), is not, actually, the best way to encourage me to use the card […]


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just did a little math. after accounting for utilities and associated housing costs, ${current living arrangement} costs me around $340/mo, or slightly more than $4k/yr, more than ${previous living arrangement}. but it saves me between 20-80 minutes commuting daily (plus my 20 minutes of walking usually don’t make me want to commit homicide nearly so […]