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So, I’ve been pretty down ever since the London move officially fell through. Honestly, it was a pretty major blow. It went from “here is the proposal of the relo, here is what the moving expense coverage is, here is what the replace-all-your-stuff stipend will be” to “nope” in under two weeks. Pretty shocking. The […]



Move is cancelled.



So, everything is a bit topsy-turvy. I’m currently trying to get a position in London through work. If it works out, it will literally be a dream come true. Maybe not necessarily the job (my dream job is, after all, driving a train for the Underground. I don’t think they sponsor visas, though), but certainly […]

Call my friend Paul to go get drinks, because as long as he’s known me he’s known I want to emigrate, and victory calls for beer. Join the Tate (mostly just for the Tate Modern. I’m sure Tate Britain, Liverpool, and St Ives are all great, but srsly. Tate Modern! zomg!) and the London Transport […]

If you click through to the Flickr photo and hover your mouse over the times, you can see notes with all my goals for my times. If you don’t want to do that, let me just say: I nailed those suckers. Woo! I should write a real race report later, but I’m pretty tired right […]