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(originally published 2003-06-17) the rules are now posted outside my office door. 1. Always observe the Friday Afternoon Rule. 2. Tuesdays suck. 3. Never talk smack about the servers where they can hear you. 4. Never say “no mail will be lost.” 5. Never, for the love of god and all that is holy, say […]

Call my friend Paul to go get drinks, because as long as he’s known me he’s known I want to emigrate, and victory calls for beer. Join the Tate (mostly just for the Tate Modern. I’m sure Tate Britain, Liverpool, and St Ives are all great, but srsly. Tate Modern! zomg!) and the London Transport […]

In ten years, I wasn’t able to bring myself to give away the copy of Notting Hill someone got me after we saw it together, despite Hugh Grant. Apparently he knew me better than I knew me, as I’ve just watched it for the first time since then, and quite enjoyed it despite myself. To […]

so one interesting — and unforeseen — aspect of my job is that the outsourced call center, sends me random calls all the time. the problem is that, when i started, i got assigned an extension that was used, at one point, for editorial feedback for the Chicago Tribune. i used to think that my […]

This list is subject to addition at any time!! Especially when added to with things that are AWESOME! Finish moving the site over to the new host with the shiny, legible WordPress theme. Sort through my DVDs and get rid of things I’m not going to watch. (Feel free to make requests if there’s one […]