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In ten years, I wasn’t able to bring myself to give away the copy of Notting Hill someone got me after we saw it together, despite Hugh Grant. Apparently he knew me better than I knew me, as I’ve just watched it for the first time since then, and quite enjoyed it despite myself. To […]


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Of late, have been watching much TV on DVD from my collection, mostly ‘cos I’ve been trying to work on my spinning and you need something in front of your face while sitting at a wheel for five hours. Have learned that early ER is not well-suited to marathoning: the first season is really good, […]


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I’m having a little … moment here. … After having been online since late 1992, and being online in return for cash since 1995, I’d say it was around 1998 or so when things started to lose their novelty. It’s been several years since any novel anything on the Internet really made me happy to […]

so for the past few weeks, for some reason, my tivo recording of ‘house’ has cut off just before the end of the episode — usually leaving off a minute or so of the tag plus the preview. i don’t know why this is happening; i’d suspect the tivo’s timer is off except it ntps […]


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i watched this week’s episode of CSI: New York1 last night. it was subtle, but if you listened carefully, when the time machine was activated, they had TARDIS sound effects in the background. teehee! — 1: shut up. i only need two words to justify this habit: Gary Sinese.