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In ten years, I wasn’t able to bring myself to give away the copy of Notting Hill someone got me after we saw it together, despite Hugh Grant. Apparently he knew me better than I knew me, as I’ve just watched it for the first time since then, and quite enjoyed it despite myself. To […]


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so today on the tivo, i turned on an episode of image union which featured a short called “Sound Underground,” a short documentary about the musicians who play in the CTA subway stations. it’s actually a pretty good flick, and, amusingly, i saw one of the artists featured in it, playing last night at the […]

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Dear Idiots Who Came Up With This Idiotic DVD Region Code Idiocy: you know what, i actually bought these DVDs. i would really appreciate it if you would quit making me have to jump through pointless hoops to work around region codes, which are totally ineffectual anyways in addition to granting absolutely no benefit to […]

yesterday: having decided that it was time for a break from “serious” films, yesterday evening i went for something a little more comedic. more of a cult favorite. less with the thinky, more with the one-liners that i can totally relate to. more… you know, destructiony. “And I said, I don’t care if they lay […]

my trend of movie-watching on my days off continues apace, with today’s offering. you know when you see jake gyllenhaal on the screen that you are in for good fun and wacky hijinks, and of course donnie darko is no exception. i am honestly a little surprised at myself that i did not get more […]