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okay, take this — the cover art for the dvd boxed set of the third season of Stargate Atlantis. First of all, Sheppard looks like a girl. Granted, a butch girl with a Sigourney Weaver complex, but… a girl. With a gun (that kind of looks like a crutch, because nothing says “sci-fi” like crutches). […]

Dear Media Executives: Here’s why using the DMCA to force take down of fair-use clips of your copyrighted material is a bad idea. 1. I saw a clip from an episode of Boston Legal, via YouTube, posted to a blog I read. I watched it. I enjoyed it. 2. As a result of (1), I […]

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Dear Idiots Who Came Up With This Idiotic DVD Region Code Idiocy: you know what, i actually bought these DVDs. i would really appreciate it if you would quit making me have to jump through pointless hoops to work around region codes, which are totally ineffectual anyways in addition to granting absolutely no benefit to […]

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etienne charry’s “je tue le temps”: a requested [crappy] translation:

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just spend three and a half hours futzing around with networking shit with m. in a vain attempt to get, first, ordinary tunnelling (hah; any time you are breaking out the mknod and the nc, going through no fewer than two or three network address translations, and at least like four firewalls is not really […]