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a sad wednesday

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There was a death in the family this morning. My Verio coffee mug met its end today. As it was reporting for duty for the second cup of coffee this morning, I bumped it and it slid off the countertop and tragically shattered on the tile kitchen floor at work. Verio gave out the mugs […]


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Dear White Sox Bullpen (and Ken Griffey, Jr.): Just wanted to let you know — a multitude of regular-season sins can be forgiven through the skillfull execution of October appearances. FYI. love, –sabrina.


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Dear White Sox: Knock it off, you weenies. I am not amused by your continuing to lose like losing losers. Especially to the damn TWINKIES. Argh. Minnesota! ARGH!!! no love, –sabrina


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Dear $RECRUITER, 1. When I respond to your initial cold email with “Please remove me from your mailing list,” the appropriate response is not to re-send that initial cold email with certain sentences removed. You fail at responsible emailing. 2. “I have been trying to reach you for the past few days” — well, obviously […]

an overdue missive

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dear white sox: WHAT THE FUCK. i am not happy. no love, –sabrina.