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Had a conversation last week with my team lead about something that’s been annoying me lately, my increasing need to clean up after others before I can do my own work (or, on occasion, for me to clean up after others before different-others can do their work, because what’s even better than someone wasting one […]

so one interesting — and unforeseen — aspect of my job is that the outsourced call center, sends me random calls all the time. the problem is that, when i started, i got assigned an extension that was used, at one point, for editorial feedback for the Chicago Tribune. i used to think that my […]

It seems pretty typical for a job interview process to go like this: Step 1: Employer receives CV. Employer drinks enough caffeine to decide that CV is not completely awful. Step 2: First pass: HR tries to make sure candidate has a heartbeat and is not a zombie. Step 3: Second stage: phone screen. Actual […]

1) Matzoh ball soup. We used to be able to get this at Finkl’s on S. Financial Pl., but they closed and left a gaping hole in my lunches. 2) Fish and chips. NOWHERE. There is no justice. 3) Chicken schwarma. We used to be able to get this from a place on S. Clark […]

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i don’t think death cab for cutie have it right at all. that is not the sound of settling. the sound of settling is more like a resigned sigh, a shrug, or a muttered “fuck it.” JTIS.