1) Matzoh ball soup. We used to be able to get this at Finkl’s on S. Financial Pl., but they closed and left a gaping hole in my lunches.
2) Fish and chips. NOWHERE. There is no justice.
3) Chicken schwarma. We used to be able to get this from a place on S. Clark St., but they closed and, inexplicably, were replaced by a crêperie. Because there’s so much demand for crêpes around here. I WANT MY CHICKEN SCHWARMA (and kickass hummos) BACK.
4) Curry. Burrito Buggy does scary curry (it is from Burrito Buggy, after all), and Village Restaurant does extremely oily curry (at a distance), but nobody does good curry.
5) Really good french fries. You can find fries several places, but none of them are really satisfying when what you want is really good fries.
6) Macaroni and cheese.
7) Chicken salad sandwiches. (The ubiquitous Potbelly’s does not count.)

Proposed solutions:
1) The Rage needs to open up a loop location. This solves actually most of these problems as I would just eat there every day for the rest of my life (until I died of deliciousness poisoning).
2) Finkl’s must come back. COME BAAAACK, PLEEEEEEEASE!!!
3) We need an authentic chippie. With authenticity emphasis on the food, not on the vintage “My Goodness, My Guinness” signage.
4) Or I could just give up and learn to stop complaining. Hahaha, as if that’s going to happen. GIVE ME BUTTER CHICKEN NOW!!