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So I’m on call all this weekend for work, which means basically that I can’t leave the house for three days (long NYE weekend) because I have to be within 15 minutes of my computer should anything decide to go splat over the holiday. That being the case, I stopped by to vist my friends […]

an overdue missive

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dear white sox: WHAT THE FUCK. i am not happy. no love, –sabrina.

*itch* *itch* *itch* WHEN DO PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT?????? GAH. *itch* *itch* *itch* stupid january. you are the longest month.

my buddy bill doesn’t have a blog and therefore cannot post his own squee, but this really needs to be squeed about. he ran the chicago marathon yesterday, and finished in 4:06:52. dude, four straight hours of running! how is that not completely freaking amazing? first marathon, too! i’m going to feel way less badass […]


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Dear Cubs Fans: This is seriously fucked up. No love, –sabrina.