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hey! it’s a surprise goodie box, out of the blue! for no apparent reason! which makes it the best sort of surprise goodie box ever! :) Kim sent me this package, which arrived yesterday. i promptly nommed the licorice (yum!) and crashed my computer trying to upload pictures off the camera (alas). but it recovered […]

oh my!

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so monday was a pretty typical monday: up in the morning, drop off the laundry (what would i do without the magic laundry fairies to save me hours of time and gobs of sanity?), drop off car at mobbed-up car wash/parking lot, work blah work, rescue nicely cleaned car, observe forecast calls for inches and […]

give Eamon money!

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my friend Eamon does this wacky thing every year. he always wears a mustache — except when he doesn’t. and he looks so sad and weepy without it! only money can help restore Eamon’s stache, happy demeanor, and self-respect… can’t you help? think of the kids! Hey, all! If it’s November, it must be Mustaches […]

MONKEY!!! -> *anonymous_benefactor* OMFG -> *anonymous_benefactor* MONKEY -> *anonymous_benefactor* you rule :)))) *anonymous_benefactor* hahahahaha <wasy> monkey: 5, niqui: 0 <davidr> hahahaha <davidr> those little handles are tricky <wasy> monkey: 5, niqui: 1 <wasy> monkey: 6, niqui: 1 <twork> …..? * niqui cackles and cackles and cackles <wasy> niqui got her screaming flying monkey <twork> niqui […]

my buddy bill doesn’t have a blog and therefore cannot post his own squee, but this really needs to be squeed about. he ran the chicago marathon yesterday, and finished in 4:06:52. dude, four straight hours of running! how is that not completely freaking amazing? first marathon, too! i’m going to feel way less badass […]