A pressie for me!


-> *anonymous_benefactor* OMFG
-> *anonymous_benefactor* MONKEY
-> *anonymous_benefactor* you rule :))))
*anonymous_benefactor* hahahahaha
<wasy> monkey: 5, niqui: 0
<davidr> hahahaha
<davidr> those little handles are tricky
<wasy> monkey: 5, niqui: 1
<wasy> monkey: 6, niqui: 1
<twork> …..?
* niqui cackles and cackles and cackles
<wasy> niqui got her screaming flying monkey
<twork> niqui has a screaming flying monkey???
<wasy> it doesn’t scream or fly too much yet
<wasy> monkey: 7, niqui: 1
<niqui> surprisingly hard to aim
* niqui <– laughing too much really