it’s a surprise goodie box, out of the blue! for no apparent reason! which makes it the best sort of surprise goodie box ever! :)

Kim sent me this package, which arrived yesterday. i promptly nommed the licorice (yum!) and crashed my computer trying to upload pictures off the camera (alas). but it recovered and now i have pics to post. such as a closeup of the awesome badge in there:

Democratic logo

it is totally going on my bag right now, right next to my awesome new fave obama pin i just got today (supplanting my America’s First Family pin as fave, though that one is not less awesome), which is the infamous Terrorist Fist Jab! because Yes We Can, and Not Only That, But We Will Do It With Good Humor, Suckers!

but i digress. thank you kim! That was an awesome surprise. You rock. :)