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CNN: …Lindsey Miller, 23, votes at the same polling place as Obama. She said Secret Service agents were checking names off a list and using metal-detecting wands on some would-be voters as they entered the polling place. The line was around the block at 6 a.m., she said. “A lot of people were in pajamas. […]

5. People who cannot tell the difference between similar but different words, such as ‘censure’ and ‘censor,’ and attack someone for doing the one when they are in fact recommending doing the other. ENGLISH, NOT SO HARD REALLY. 4. Discussion, in cliché, of the application of lipstick to anything that does not normally apply lipstick […]

while i, of course, plan to be at the rally in the park tuesday evening watching some guy make some speech, anyone who needs local crash space in the event of transit difficulties or whatever, let me know. i haven’t got much space and if there are, you know, mad riots and the power goes […]

hey! it’s a surprise goodie box, out of the blue! for no apparent reason! which makes it the best sort of surprise goodie box ever! :) Kim sent me this package, which arrived yesterday. i promptly nommed the licorice (yum!) and crashed my computer trying to upload pictures off the camera (alas). but it recovered […]

i feel so flattered! somehow, a hillbot stumbled upon my little blog here and in response felt that i should “shut the fuck up.” i wonder why — was it the derision about hillary supporters’ inability to accurately wield allusions (again, ladies, racism uses ‘back of the bus’ to illustrate examples; sexism uses ‘get back […]