5. People who cannot tell the difference between similar but different words, such as ‘censure’ and ‘censor,’ and attack someone for doing the one when they are in fact recommending doing the other. ENGLISH, NOT SO HARD REALLY.
4. Discussion, in cliché, of the application of lipstick to anything that does not normally apply lipstick to its lips.
3. Really, any other clichés too. We’ve had like 22 months now of these sayings and I’d really like them to stop now, please, thank you.
2. Closed-minded zealots (on any and all sides) whose idea of political discourse is the intellectual equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and shouting “you’re mean!”
1. The fact that this campaign season has been completely frigging endless and now that it’s nearly over they’ll probably give us a couple days off and then start on the midterms.