i feel so flattered! somehow, a hillbot stumbled upon my little blog here and in response felt that i should “shut the fuck up.” i wonder why — was it the derision about hillary supporters’ inability to accurately wield allusions (again, ladies, racism uses ‘back of the bus’ to illustrate examples; sexism uses ‘get back in the kitchen.’ if you’re going to cliché, frankly, it’s the least you can do to cliché correctly), or was it the fact that i referred to the incessant whining of “baby boomer feminist clinton supporters” as “whining”?

hillary clinton’s candidacy has been a massive disappointment to me; starting from a point where i would have been just as pleased as punch if she were my democratic candidate, the campaign has done nothing more than progressively disillusion me. i posted in 2005 that “i think she’s a hell of a woman [and] i’d be happy to vote for her,” a sentiment which gradually shifted to “i think you kinda blew it”-style relative indifference as time and the primary campaign season passed, and has finally settled pretty firmly on “yeah, uh, no way.” the only mildly ironic part about it is that hillary’s campaign has done more to damage baby boomers, as a class (and especially classical Gloria Steinem-style feminists), in my eyes, than it actually has done to clinton herself. which just makes the hillbot comment more entertaining, considering she (i assume) (a) totally missed the point — OMG YOU DON’T HEART HILLARY, YOU ARE SUCH A MAN!!!!!!!!11!!1!1!!!!111!!!!! — and (b) was really, seriously, dude, just fucking whining. i mean, at the risk of being just another one of those latte-drinking intellectuals who don’t know what it’s like to be a real american (i guess my citizenship got downgraded when i went to college), what exactly makes you think one flavor of gender-bias is more acceptable than another? y’all people are messed up, and that’s why we’re not listening to you.