…Lindsey Miller, 23, votes at the same polling place as Obama. She said Secret Service agents were checking names off a list and using metal-detecting wands on some would-be voters as they entered the polling place. The line was around the block at 6 a.m., she said.

“A lot of people were in pajamas. I know I was — not the time you want to be on national TV,” the University of Chicago graduate student said.

so. you live near obama. in fact, you vote at the same polling place. you chose not to vote early, and you chose to vote early in the morning, when it was highly likely that this very highly-observed candidate for the highest office in the land would be on site casting his own vote. you have presumably watched television in the past and know that national television news likes to cover candidates casting their votes. you saw the line and the secret service agents. and … YOU COULDN’T PUT ON A PAIR OF JEANS BEFORE LEAVING THE HOUSE?

i mean. seriously. i am not a highly trendy person, but i think the time has come for america to start paying a little more attention to our dress habits. PAJAMAS, to vote at the same polling place at the same time as a person who is possibly going to become the next president of the united states? in what universe is that sartorially okay? pay attention! pay attention and wear pants!

(…and don’t even get me started on people on airplanes, man.)