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CNN: …Lindsey Miller, 23, votes at the same polling place as Obama. She said Secret Service agents were checking names off a list and using metal-detecting wands on some would-be voters as they entered the polling place. The line was around the block at 6 a.m., she said. “A lot of people were in pajamas. […]


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i am a good girl. i have a clothing budget and i try to stick to it. sometimes i fail but this month i have not yet failed. and i wanted SHOES. pretty, pretty shoeses. so i went shoe shopping on (who have never let me down in the arena of online shoe shopping). […]

Dear $STORE: Not even a 70% off sale would get any woman with a brain in this shirt. I think you will have to look into the possibility of bribery in order to get this cleared out of your inventory. Seriously. Empire waists making everyone and her size 2 sister look 6 months pregnant are […]

purple glitter chiffon multi-layer “car wash” pants. i’m sorry, but i’m having trouble imagining in what circumstance anyone would wear these pants anywhere, ever. i almost don’t even have to show you a photo for you to appreciate the true horror … but i’m gonna anyways: i’m actually having trouble imagining that some fashion designer […]

a beauty must-have!

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“Redeems you in his eyes and takes the edge off sinning.” dude. I WANT ONE! (even if i do have the daleks from the new series shrieking “BLAS-PHE-MY! BLAS-PHE-MY!” in my head, now. i’m still flat on my ass with laughter. i am so going to hell.)