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So I had something kinda cool happen to me yesterday. I had to go to the post office to mail something. It was Friday at 5 so there was this huge long line. Plod, plod, plod through the line. And I got up there, and got your usual tired, end of the day, customers are […]


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today at petsmart, to buy a new kitty litter box (what? how else do you celebrate moving into a new apartment than with a shiny new kitty litter box?), i fell for the impulse buy: the plug-in feline anxiety pheromone calmer-downer thingie. the *$35* plug in feline calmer downer thingie. kiyoshi has been so upset […]

well, holy cow

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sometimes the circumstances of poor customer service can save you from yourself. so i got my Digital TV converter box coupons in the mail yesterday — the two $40 coupons to use to buy a box to convert ATSC (digital over-the-air antenna) signals into NTSC (analogue ota signal, what all equipment used prior to this […]


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so today on the tivo, i turned on an episode of image union which featured a short called “Sound Underground,” a short documentary about the musicians who play in the CTA subway stations. it’s actually a pretty good flick, and, amusingly, i saw one of the artists featured in it, playing last night at the […]

so, as you might have heard, i recently settled a little debate between the irs and me regarding whether or not i had in fact filed my 2003 tax return. (me: of course i have, i always file my taxes, and your stupid electronic system’s braindamage is not my problem. them: oh yes it is, […]