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today’s commute

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excerpted from an email i just sent to a mailing list: > > Anyone else (try to) take the Blue Line to work today? > Rumor has it that it’s not working. Like. At all. Well, it certainly wasn’t at the time! > As for their use of the word ‘delay’, I can’t help but […]


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so today on the tivo, i turned on an episode of image union which featured a short called “Sound Underground,” a short documentary about the musicians who play in the CTA subway stations. it’s actually a pretty good flick, and, amusingly, i saw one of the artists featured in it, playing last night at the […]


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Hey, what a shocker! Da Mare is on board with Blago’s ridiculous cash handout! You know, it’s a sad day when I have to side with Judy Baar Topinka, but … for pete’s sake, people. The state is flat broke. Where is this money coming from? Is there a magical transit leprechaun pot of gold […]

checking in

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hm. have been running around (as usual) lately, but: 1) Still working on the sysadmin blog. It turns out, it takes time to come up with that style of blog entry — way more time than slapping up a quick link and complaining about people maligning britney spears. who knew? am contemplating asking other people […]


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warning: sabrina’s got her cranky pants on today. this is JUST the news i wanted to hear about vote on the the goddamn mass transit funding bill in the goddamn illinois house. A plan to raise taxes to help Chicago-area mass transit systems has failed in the Illinois House. … The plan called for increasing […]