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In February 2004, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom told the city-county clerk to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. I was using LiveJournal at the time, and someone on my friends list there pointed out a place where you could order up flowers to be sent to a couple waiting in line to be […]

a standard plea, one of a thousand, sent at a cranky moment in niqui’s life: From: Howard Dean Subject: Now more than ever Dear sabrina, Our nominee can’t build an organization to take on John McCain yet, but we canJohn McCain is raising money and campaigning across the country — he’s looking at the White […]

i’m not certain what the deal is with all the republican furor over mccain potentially being the nominee. didn’t people used to like him? i mean, wasn’t the ‘maverick’ thing formerly cool? and, c’moonnnnn…. you can’t seriously be all that rah-rah mitt freaking romney. if you took away his max factor pancake makeup, the man […]

dear ralph nader

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sit down and shut the fuck up. sincerely, –sabrina.

debate bla bla bla

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so, watched the NH debates last night, natch. (OT: “1 Night 2 Parties” thing, too close to “2 Girls 1 Cup.” more internet-savvy proofreaders for you guys, ABC!) tuned in a bit late to watch all of the republican debate, but got in most of it. damn, everybody is on the “smack down romney” train […]