a standard plea, one of a thousand, sent at a cranky moment in niqui’s life:

From: Howard Dean
Subject: Now more than ever

Dear sabrina,

Our nominee can’t build an organization to take on John McCain yet, but we canJohn McCain is raising money and campaigning across the country — he’s looking at the White House.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are also raising money and campaigning across the country — but they’re still looking at the nomination.

Hillary and Barack can’t build an organization to take on John McCain directly yet, but we can. And we have to — it’s our responsibility as Democrats to make sure we’re prepared.

I need you to make a contribution now so we can make sure John McCain doesn’t get a free ride — Americans everywhere need to know the truth, and we’re going to make sure they get it. … [Contribute Now! blah blah blah]

From: sabrina
To: Democratic National Committee donor feedback
Subject: Re: Now more than ever

Oh my God, are you serious? The Democratic candidates are acting like 7 year olds squabbling over the last cookie in the jar, and it’s MY problem to defeat McCain???

I’ll donate to the fund that reschedules the nominating convention for the middle of April so we can get this excruciating insanity over with, but until then, you’re on your own.

Don’t unsubscribe me from the mailing list. I’m still a Democrat, even if it pains me to be this completely inept. But I wanted to at least pretend someone was listening.


this was sent the day of the university of chicago’s rebuttal to the ciinton campaign’s “he wasn’t even a professor!!!! that liar!!!!” claims, which went along the lines of: “yes, he was.” i was a little tired of this bullshit. i heroically refrained from laying most of the blame for said bullshit at the clinton campaign’s door, in the hopes of having someone think “hey, disgusted voter!” instead of “oh, another disgusted cultist.”

From: DNCMemberServices
Subject: Re: Re: Now more than ever


Thank you for your recent email. We value your thoughts. Your comments have been forwarded to the Chairman’s office.

Thank you again.

DNC Member Services
Democratic National Committee
(202) 863-8000

i’m shocked to have gotten a response. of course, i’d be more shocked if this ridiculous situation resolved itself somehow. i’m not holding my breath.