warning: sabrina’s got her cranky pants on today.

this is JUST the news i wanted to hear about vote on the the goddamn mass transit funding bill in the goddamn illinois house.

A plan to raise taxes to help Chicago-area mass transit systems has failed in the Illinois House. …

The plan called for increasing sales taxes in Cook County and the five surrounding “collar” counties. It also would have raised a real estate tax in Chicago.

hey, G-Rod… thanks a lot for withholding your support and repeated insistence that you’d veto, making sure that cook county couldn’t raise its own goddamn sales taxes to fund its own goddamn mass transit, so the whole goddamn state didn’t have to chip in. now, instead of paying an (average) extra $35 per year in taxes, i can pay an extra $150 per year for my transit pass, which will now access far, far fewer buses and much crappier trains. oh, it isn’t fair for the poor drivers to have to pay to support transit they don’t even use… fuck that shit! transit indirectly serves everyone in this whole goddamn region, especially the drivers! every time my car isn’t out there taking up space on the kennedy, that’s your asses being served! every time some teenaged kid schlepps his ass after school from Lane Tech to a White Hen downtown, making seven bucks an hour so you can get your coffee, that’s transit serving your lazy cheap ass! if White Hen has to start paying ten bucks an hour just to get people who are willing to spend four hours on the goddamn el every goddamn day, YOUR CHEAP BAD COFFEE JUST GOT MORE EXPENSIVE, so SUCK IT UP just like how you told us transit riders to suck this up.

i hope gas goes up to eight bucks a gallon, you goddamn intellectually lazy, selfish, shortsighted fucking morons!

p.s. and for you suburban morons who are all pointing and laughing and saying we deserve to have the cta collapse due to our clear mismanagement:

Without new funding, Metra plans to divert $60 million of its capital budget to fund operations this year, which would reduce the amount the agency can spend on track maintenance and equipment.

hey, diverting capital funds to operations — that always works out well. just look at the CTA! y’all have fun with that!

p.p.s. Hey Los Angeles — enjoy the Olympics! we’ll just catch it on tv. it’s cool… illinois is just rolling in cash, we didn’t need that tax and tourism revenue anyways.

p.p.p.s. rod blagojevich, it’ll be a cold goddamn day in hell before i vote to elect you for so much as Sangamon County Dogcatcher.