so someone, like, friended, or whatever the appropriate verb is, me on facebook, thus inviting me to sign up, and so, despite having lost my .edu email address possession (cough kinda cough) apparently that’s no longer a restriction, therefore i signed up. (i feel like such a trendwhore. only, given my very lateness to facebook, a really incompetent one….)

i promptly clicked to see who else from my high school graduating class was on there, looked at their profile pictures, and realized we’re all old now, and closed the browser tab with extreme prejudice.

dammit. i can’t be old! i’m hip and with it! i have funny-colored hair! i have a sweet pair of red patent mary janes! i listen to indie rock! i … dammit!

i’m going to sulk over here in the corner and, like, do some retirement planning. stupid kids and their stupid facebook. dammit.