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so someone, like, friended, or whatever the appropriate verb is, me on facebook, thus inviting me to sign up, and so, despite having lost my .edu email address possession (cough kinda cough) apparently that’s no longer a restriction, therefore i signed up. (i feel like such a trendwhore. only, given my very lateness to facebook, […]

on the advice of someone is really good at cutting through my bullshit (it’s greatly thanks to her, and my dad and stepmom, that i have a kitchen table) i went out and bought an elliptical trainer today. well, it wasn’t quite like she said, “what you need to do is go buy an elliptical […]

Never not funny Originally uploaded by sldownard. Sock on kiyoshi’s head! — The great thing about putting socks on kiyoshi’s head is that he just has no idea how to handle it. You can sit there as he’s perfectly still — sometimes with a paw half-raised to swipe at the sock — for a couple […]


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in honor of having to explain what chucks are, and justify my fondness for same, today to someone: