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in which i set new goals

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So last summer quarter I took a class which alleged to be about Stress Management for Health and Wellness, but which was not so much, really. But I did wind up getting something out of it — for a project, I consolidated some of the stuff I’d been noodling on for a while, like my […]

I am not athletic, even a little bit. I don’t think I ever really have been, even when I was swimming competitively. It’s just not really my thing. I like exercise well enough when it happens, and sometimes I actively go out and get some, but usually it’s part of a package deal with something […]

So one of my wacky plans for The Summer of Vacation was to run a 5k. This is despite the fact that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a runner. I occasionally put on running shoes and then go out, full of good intentions, and inevitably wind up limping home. It never […]

I just texted my personal trainer, while confirming our regular Saturday morning appointment for tomorrow, joking that my new year’s resolution is to try and stop yawning during said regular Saturday morning appointment — something she’s always teasing me for doing. (Hey, you try getting up and over to the gym at 10AM on a […]

So a little over a week ago, I was reading some random news article — can no longer find the URL, otherwise I’d provide it, sorry — that was revealing the shocking news that, in a study done on (IIRC) college football players, if they got up to 10 hours of sleep, they performed much […]