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Fair warning: If you are prone to tl;dr, you might want to skip this one. So, the other day, in my Organizational Communications class — for which the homework was, as usual, some seriously dry chapters to read (seriously, guys, you could not have made this textbook drier if you’d buried the manuscript in an […]

I just texted my personal trainer, while confirming our regular Saturday morning appointment for tomorrow, joking that my new year’s resolution is to try and stop yawning during said regular Saturday morning appointment — something she’s always teasing me for doing. (Hey, you try getting up and over to the gym at 10AM on a […]

So a little over a week ago, I was reading some random news article — can no longer find the URL, otherwise I’d provide it, sorry — that was revealing the shocking news that, in a study done on (IIRC) college football players, if they got up to 10 hours of sleep, they performed much […]

les grandes vacances

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so i am nearing the sort of burned-out state that comes with not having taken a real vacation in years– i’m all cranky and tired, and pretty much every bad thing that happens at work is another reason to claim that everything sucks. and, i mean, i know the solution is to take some time […]

so, the other day, i was running in to osco to pick up tiger’s syringes, and on my way to the door, i spotted someone’s credit card on the sidewalk. by the time i realized what it had been, i was already halfway past it to the door, and i thought it would look weird […]