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Fair warning: If you are prone to tl;dr, you might want to skip this one. So, the other day, in my Organizational Communications class — for which the homework was, as usual, some seriously dry chapters to read (seriously, guys, you could not have made this textbook drier if you’d buried the manuscript in an […]


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in these past few months since i became a Very Large Hat, i have made it a point to read more on management topics — books, yes, but also i added several blogs to my reader, and keep up with them. one of them is Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk, a young and idealistic writer […]

Dear Candidate:

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You need a better recruiting firm. You see, I just got a cold call at work from a recruiter at that firm, asking if I or someone here might be interested in offering you employment. You are a system administrator who works with Windows, and does desktop support. You have ten years of industry experience. […]

so i bought a new management book — Becoming a Successful Manager: How to Make a Smooth Transition from Managing Yourself to Managing Others — off amazon today, and after checking out, they offered me the chance to Upgrade! and read the electronic version of it now! for only $1.59! and i am a sheep […]

i’ve been meaning to post something like this for ages and ages. i’ve been in on a number of interviews and hires over the years, in various roles from gauging someone’s competence as a favor to a friend in another group, hiring a colleague, hiring a direct report, and even hiring my replacement. most of […]