in these past few months since i became a Very Large Hat, i have made it a point to read more on management topics — books, yes, but also i added several blogs to my reader, and keep up with them.

one of them is Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk, a young and idealistic writer with whom i don’t always agree, but at least the blog often has things that are interesting and make me think about the topic at hand. unfortunately, sometimes her guest authors miss the target:

…I get the feeling that Generation X is inherently skeptical of who I am. They’re weary of how easy success comes to me, of my desire to bring them into the mix, and of my idealism.

Unlike our older co-workers, Generation Y doesn’t operate out of fear or distrust … The Gen X focus on distrust makes them solitary workers, preferring to rely solely on their selves to see a project through, while Generation Y tends to want to support and work together. A Gen Xer is often found at the office, squeezing by on their flextime, and blocking out the world with their iPod. …

What can I say? I’m a team player.

sheesh. right this very moment, it’s my dearest hope that i never have to manage someone as completely blind to irony as this writer. (and also, i’d really appreciate it if no candidate ever sends her mother to negotiate salary for her. i don’t honestly know how i would react but there’s a good possibility it would involve uncontrollable snickering.)