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Fair warning: If you are prone to tl;dr, you might want to skip this one. So, the other day, in my Organizational Communications class — for which the homework was, as usual, some seriously dry chapters to read (seriously, guys, you could not have made this textbook drier if you’d buried the manuscript in an […]

truer words–

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happy Red Nose Day

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as i do not live in .uk, am not a regular participant in Red Nose Day… though, due to being pretty entertained by @THEDavidTennant, did fling a couple pounds their way this morning. and then i ponied up again for a shiny icon! charity is fun! see, Sunday Mail, surely if dozens of people around […]

oh noes!

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cadbury’s produced a whole series of … CREME EGG SNUFF FILMS. oh the gooanity. i am, unlike last year, quite set on the cadbury’s creme egg front at the moment. i found a display in the CVS near work a week ago that still had, like, boxes and boxes of them. so i managed to […]


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i watched this week’s episode of CSI: New York1 last night. it was subtle, but if you listened carefully, when the time machine was activated, they had TARDIS sound effects in the background. teehee! — 1: shut up. i only need two words to justify this habit: Gary Sinese.