You need a better recruiting firm.

You see, I just got a cold call at work from a recruiter at that firm, asking if I or someone here might be interested in offering you employment. You are a system administrator who works with Windows, and does desktop support. You have ten years of industry experience. You are currently working for a bank, but you want to leave. I don’t know who you are, or your last name, but I know you make … well, let’s just say you’re probably not real pleased about gas prices or the CTA fare hike, but you’re not hurting for disposable income either.

This was all completely unsolicited information, that the nice man from Remington International just handed out to a random stranger on the phone, all because he happened to know I was an IT manager.

Had I had a business relationship with him, sure, it would have been reasonable to float me some background on a candidate. But I didn’t. I could have been Fredericka de Ville, the Identity Theft Specialist who dabbles in management in her spare time, for all he knew.

You need a better recruiting firm, one that isn’t going around randomly handing out details — especially details that could cripple your salary negotiations with a new employer. I wish I could get your resume so I could call you and tell you that, but unfortunately, if I expressed any interest to the recruiter, I’m sure he’d never ever leave me alone, and I like being left alone.

Good luck with your job search. Working with these guys, you evidently are going to need it.