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(originally published 2003-06-17) the rules are now posted outside my office door. 1. Always observe the Friday Afternoon Rule. 2. Tuesdays suck. 3. Never talk smack about the servers where they can hear you. 4. Never say “no mail will be lost.” 5. Never, for the love of god and all that is holy, say […]

Date: 30 September 2008 From: Random Internet User Subject: I Clicked Your Dippy Imagemap, Whee Uhhh… Sorry if I’m being rude or anything like that, but why is your site’s name and it has nothing to do with ziggurats? Just a question. it’s been twelve years since i first registered, in October, 1996, […]

so, remember the part where i ordered dsl, and it was totally easy, and i was in disbelief that it was going to all come off without a fuss? i was sorta right… i finally managed to excavate enough boxes to get access to my desk today, and get the computer set up, and the […]

Aaron Hamilton to me — 8:57 PM (1 hour ago) I Mr Aaron Hamilton a secured loan lender,i give out loan to Business Men and women who are into Business transaction, I give out long term loan for three to five years maximum with 5% and minimum of 0.2% interest rate. In this you can […]

so someone, like, friended, or whatever the appropriate verb is, me on facebook, thus inviting me to sign up, and so, despite having lost my .edu email address possession (cough kinda cough) apparently that’s no longer a restriction, therefore i signed up. (i feel like such a trendwhore. only, given my very lateness to facebook, […]