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Date: 30 September 2008 From: Random Internet User Subject: I Clicked Your Dippy Imagemap, Whee Uhhh… Sorry if I’m being rude or anything like that, but why is your site’s name and it has nothing to do with ziggurats? Just a question. it’s been twelve years since i first registered, in October, 1996, […]


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inspired by kim: Created by OnePlusYou “This is 109% MORE than other websites who took this test.” HOORAY!!!

i cannot help but think that a large number of people who stumble upon from search engine referrals must be, ultimately, disappointed in what they find. excerpted from my webalizer stats for the past few days, since i remembered to fix my access logs the other day to actually report on referrers: Top 20 […]

calling it a day

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with the insertion of many redirects, puttering around with stupid twiddly details, and the successful appearance of only one 404 in my error log over the past half hour — which was caused by me trying to retrieve a document at to test my errordocument redirect — i hereby declare the blog officially moved […]

making the switch

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i am going to try really, really hard to make the switch from blosxom to wordpress this weekend. so, all you out there in RSS-land, you may notice posts disappearing, reappearing as new, reappearing slightly changed, etc. apologies in advance for the annoyingness! but you should totally check out the new shiny, once it is […]