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the rules

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(originally published 2003-06-17) the rules are now posted outside my office door. 1. Always observe the Friday Afternoon Rule. 2. Tuesdays suck. 3. Never talk smack about the servers where they can hear you. 4. Never say “no mail will be lost.” 5. Never, for the love of god and all that is holy, say […]

a couple of weeks ago i popped on to, #mysql to ask a question about something that i couldn’t figure out. as it happens, nobody else could figure it out either so i felt a little better about it. i wound up staying in the channel to see if i could help anyone else […]

calling it a day

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with the insertion of many redirects, puttering around with stupid twiddly details, and the successful appearance of only one 404 in my error log over the past half hour — which was caused by me trying to retrieve a document at to test my errordocument redirect — i hereby declare the blog officially moved […]

As requested….

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—–BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK—– Version: 3.1 GCM(O) d+(-) s+ a- C++ UBLS*++++$ P++(–) L++$ E-(—) W+++ N++ o+++ K++ w– O M++ V- PS++ PE Y++ PGP+ t+ B? X+++ R tv+ b++++ DI++++ D G++ e* h+ r y? ——END GEEK CODE BLOCK——

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