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the rules

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(originally published 2003-06-17) the rules are now posted outside my office door. 1. Always observe the Friday Afternoon Rule. 2. Tuesdays suck. 3. Never talk smack about the servers where they can hear you. 4. Never say “no mail will be lost.” 5. Never, for the love of god and all that is holy, say […]

Lest you think that all has been quiet on the Niqui front lately: Got my Ravelry invite, so I set up my profile. Have entered my needle/hook collection, minus the ones that aren’t listed (hey, the site’s a WIP!) Have started on the stash (minus photos). May or may not take photos for the stash. […]

so i was thinking about maybe trying to come up with some sort of point to keeping this blog. i mean, not that all of you out there reading this are not lovely people with excellent taste in blogstalking victims; i salute you for sticking with me through all my vague complaints of white sox […]