so i was thinking about maybe trying to come up with some sort of point to keeping this blog. i mean, not that all of you out there reading this are not lovely people with excellent taste in blogstalking victims; i salute you for sticking with me through all my vague complaints of white sox incompetence, observations of how the world around me is clearly insane and also wrong, and the lists i like to make and letters i like to write, regardless of how they may or may not actually be relevant to anyone else in the whole entire world. i would buy you a beer if you were here.

anyways, yes, trying to think of a theme (to weave throughout said observations, vague complaints, lists, and letters, naturally). would anyone be interested if i were to try and make some sort of concerted effort to write up topics of interest to a sysadminly audience?

p.s. silence indicates assent!