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EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS I ride on a perfect freeway Many people on that road I heard the sound of someone laughing I saw my neighbor’s car explode Just up ahead Against the sky Quicker than you blink your eye     Oh my brother, I still wonder, are you alright?     And among the living, we are giving, […]

So this is what goes on in my head some days: Oh, I have to go do that thing today because it has to be done tomorrow. Let me just make the coffee first. It’s 9AM. I should start, because I don’t want to do this all frigging day, I want to chill with the […]

les grandes vacances

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so i am nearing the sort of burned-out state that comes with not having taken a real vacation in years– i’m all cranky and tired, and pretty much every bad thing that happens at work is another reason to claim that everything sucks. and, i mean, i know the solution is to take some time […]

totally snowed under

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figuratively, and about to be literally (again: 5-7 inches predicted for today. hoo-frickin’-ray). sorry the blog has been radio silent lately. i’m buried under with email, my house was a train wreck (happily, i have made improvements), i had a bunch of financial crap i had to deal with, my car was in the shop, […]

you know…

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i think i’m sufficiently worldly in the ways of the internet that not much really surprises me, but this Megan Meiers thing both shocked me and really upset me. what horrible, horrible, horrible people are these people to create a fake myspace account for the specific purpose of tormenting a depressed child? to incite others […]