figuratively, and about to be literally (again: 5-7 inches predicted for today. hoo-frickin’-ray). sorry the blog has been radio silent lately. i’m buried under with email, my house was a train wreck (happily, i have made improvements), i had a bunch of financial crap i had to deal with, my car was in the shop, i am wicked busy with work, and someday i hope to once again actually, say, finish a knitting project.

but today will not be that day, as it appears i’m going to spend this evening digging my freshly-repaired car out of a snowdrift so that i can go spend some obligatory (and i mean that literally) “quality time” with various segments of family, which will be nice, nice, and bitterly upsetting, in turns. this is part of the reason the blog has been radio silent as, since i have had not much nice to say, i haven’t wanted to say anything at all. (had i said anything, it would have been the post i wrote and then cancelled the other day saying that i would really appreciate it if no one in the world asked me how my christmas went or what nice things i received, since people would probably not enjoy my honest responses to those, and i dislike lying. but that would have been bitter.)

on the bright side, i may score a couple of bears tickets for this sunday, and i’m thinking about treating myself to a new pair of addi turbos so i can work on a sweater (but i’m not decided, because i wonder if it might be smarter to get the knitpicks options set – cheaper in the long run. opinions?). that would be fun. too bad it’ll be too cold and snowy to knit at the game like i do at sox games, because i bet that would be prime sweater-knitting time, there. with possibly less likelihood of having beer spilled on my yarn!